AMRA Luxury Valentines Gift Guide

Luxury Valentines Gift Guide 


The day dedicated to love is not so far away.  Every year we wonder what to gift that special someone, however this year let AMRA do the wondering for you.  At AMRA HQ we like to think of ourselves as experts in gifting, after all it is a fine art.  We have collated our most featured Valentines finds, in this journal to guide you through your way to #timelessmemoirs.

You might be curious as to what #timelessmemoirs truly means… At AMRA we pride ourselves on having the world’s most decadent aromas entwined with the science of the olfactory system and indulgent ingredients, that evoke emotions and capture timeless memories with exceptional luxury. That is why this Valentines there is no better gift, to give than that of AMRA Skincare. 

Discover your...

Phase 1- AMRA Rose Oud Hair Essence

Our Rose Oud Hair Essence is a classic, timeless, and special moment. Dewy rose and sumptuous oud encapsulate the hair, to ensure every movement is an olfactory sensation.  

The most perfect gift for her…

 Phase 2- AMRA Enigma Eau De Parfum 

AMRA ENIGMA is the sumptuous enigmatic aroma of the English Rose, blended to perfection with mystical Oud.  Designed for a confident yet alluring personality, making this a Valentines necessity. 

Phase 3- AMRA Beguile Eau De Parfum


Our AMRA Beguile Eau De Parfum unearths a powerful woody and amber fragrance exuding heavy spices of nutmeg, cardamom and cinnamon, draped with soft leather accords and exotic oud. 

This is the ideal fragrance for the modern man, after all there is no better gift to receive than impeccable style and confidence. 


Phase 4- AMRA for Men Ultimate Body Collection

Our AMRA for Men Ultimate Collection has been engineered to be the pinnacle in skincare luxury.  Collating our top three most featured AMRA for Men products; Cleansing Body Wash, Body Polish and Body Oil.  Formulated with only the world’s most luxurious of ingredients; Platinum, Volcanic Rock, Meteorite and Cellactiv8. 

Our ultimate collection for men is the ideal Valentines gift for him… 

 Phase 5 - Art of Gifting by AMRA- Bespoke Gifting Concierge 

Opulence & taste cannot be bought it has to be created… 

At AMRA we believe a gift should not only be crafted & designed, but also bespoke & personal.  With inspiration from these values in mind we launched

The Art of Gifting, a personalised concierge luxury gifting service, to tailor your ideas into a beautiful bespoke gift, reflecting intentions & capturing unforgettable memories.

All our AMRA bespoke collections come fully personalised to ensure every gift is exclusive to your loved one. 

We take inspiration from you during our gifting consultation, so we can select a tailored collection from our cutting-edge luxury skincare products, to bring you the ultimate Valentines gift. 

Book you bespoke gifting consultation with us to ease the pressures of finding a gift, and we will do, what we do best, linking inspiration with skincare science, to deliver to you the world’s most luxurious gift.