AMRA Skincare At The Million Euro Mural

Since its founding, AMRA has ensured our product collections and treatments have been at the very height of luxury and splendour, and as such, every collaboration we’ve had the honour to partake in has synergised with this.

Most recently, AMRA Skincare worked alongside British luxury artist Debbie Wingham, with our opulent Rarity Face Serum being featured in her most recent creative endeavour, The Million Euro Mural.

Wingham is a world-renowned artist and fashion designer, known for her eclectic, abstract pieces, often coined the ‘most expensive’ version. She began her career in haute couture, and continues to express her artistic passion through a variety of art and multi-media forms.

She has created a series of the world’s most expensive items, including dresses, shoes, advent calendars, Christmas trees, and now the world’s most expensive mural.

The mural was unveiled last week in Puerto Banús, celebrating the marina and the luxury of the idyllic waterside on the Costa del Sol.

“This creation to me, it had to be something that truly embodied Puerto Banús, and that for me is of course glamorous, stylish ladies and gents” Wingham said when describing the mural. 

AMRA at the million euro mural

Featured are a myriad of luxury brands, including Ferrari, Cartier Jewellery, Rolex, luxury perfumes, designer items, and of course AMRA Skincare.

The true luxury of the mural lies in a diamond encrusted picture frame. Eight regal diamonds are at the centrepiece of the mural, surrounding an idyllic paining of Puerto Banús. This is what gives the mural its opulent title, as well as what makes the statement piece a member of Wingham’s world’s most expensive collection. 

The Million Euro Mural diamond frame

“It was really important to make something that all age groups can appeal to” Wingham said, later adding that “the ultimate goal here is to create something that everyone can come and enjoy”.

Discover the allure of AMRA in the heart of Costa de Sol, featured in Debbie Wingham’s Million Euro Mural. We synergise with the brands featured alongside AMRA in the mural, ranging from those at high luxury, to the up-and-coming brands sustainably repurposing materials to create unique, bespoke items.