Anti-Pollution Skincare: What You Need To Know

In this modern day, our skin has to combat an abundance of compromising aggressors. These pollutants can irritate and damage the skin, making it difficult to maintain a feeling of nourishment and hydration. When it comes to environmental pollution, it’s easy to assume only those in busy city areas are at risk of the damaging properties pollutants could bring forward. In reality, pollution particles can be found in most places, even rural areas.

Pollution leads to the creation of Free Radicals, which are the aggravators that cause the most damage to our skin. Free Radicals invade and compromise the skin barrier, leading to skin being inflamed, dry and dehydrated. As well as this, when left upon the skin, free radicals can affect collagen and elastin levels, which could lead to premature aging.

Though, modern day aggressors aren’t limited to the stereotypical air pollution we may envision when we think of pollution. Digital pollution is an even more common form that could have lasting, adverse effects on skin.

Digital Pollution from the Blue Light emitted from electronic devices such as our phones, laptops, or tablets can cause signs of premature aging in our skin. Blue light can lead to changes in your skin at a cellular level, making it incredibly important to include skincare that protects from this in our routines.

With both air pollution and digital pollution posing a threat to our skin and wellbeing, protecting from these aggressors has grown increasingly necessary. Anti-Pollution skincare helps shield the skin from pollutants that could cause potential damage and compromise the skins health, and AMRA have collections quintessential to protect from all modern pollutants.


Environmental Pollution-

AMRA Pearl Purifying is the perfect solution to skin effected by polluted environments. Black Tahitian Pearl purifies the skin from pollutants, and strengthens skin with its incredible protein content. Formulated with an Anti-Free Radical active and a Pollution Protectant Factor, the Pearl range protects skin from free radicals and UV damage while promoting the production of new skin cells, improving the skin barrier, and leaving skin softer brighter and healthier.

A must have from this collection is the Pearl Purifying Cleansing Face Wash. Designed to combat environmental pollution, Pearl PPF+ purifies the skin through the use of antioxidant ingredients, calming redness and inflammation and destroying free radicals. Use this cleanser daily to ensure ultimate protection from free radicals while deeply cleansing skin for a smoother and brighter complexion.


Blue Light Pollution- 

For all blue light concerns, AMRA recommend the Diamond Illuminating collection. With Blue Light Eradicating technology, Diamond Illuminating specialises in combatting the pollutants from blue light, while Diamond helps create an Optical Blurring effect to alleviate signs of aging. Vitamin A and a DEJ active both promote the production of collagen, combatting the damage blue light does to skin cells, ensuring ultimate architecture of the tissue and strengthening from within. Skin is protected from the aggravators provided by blue light, and skin is left stronger, brighter, and radiant.

Quintessential to eradicate digital pollution, Diamond Illuminating Moisturiser has been formulated to illuminate and hydrate. Smooth and nourishing in texture, this moisturiser is a perfect addition to an anti-pollution skincare routine, protecting skin from the damaging properties of modern day aggressors, strengthening illuminating from within.