Are Face Masks Worth It?

Once you have determined a basic daily skincare routine, it becomes easier to care for your skin, ensuring it is nourished with actives that compliment your skin type. However, on occasion your skin may feel as though it needs a little bit more support.

Face Masks are a sumptuous addition to your skin ritual, complimenting the base routine with a nourishing occasional treatment. Whether you use a mask to relax after a long week or to prepare for a special occasion, face masks provide the skin with a heightened amount of active technology, while enveloping you in a luxurious and rejuvenating experience.

Face Masks occlude the skin, meaning they create a barrier for the product in the mask to efficiently permeate the skin for a more intense skincare experience. This allows for active ingredients to work to their highest standard, as they have nowhere to go but into the skin, meaning results can be faster and stronger.

Most skincare products should be used frequently to benefit skin and make a visible difference, however at AMRA our face masks are meticulously crafted to deliver instant results. Due to our highly active formulations, AMRA face masks can provide an instantaneous boost to skin. Designed to immerse the skin in inimitable decadence, our range of face masks provide the skin with ultimate nourishment, so we’ve highlighted some of our essential masks, engineered to combat a range of skincare concerns.


Gold Rejuvenating Face Mask-

The epitome of luxury, AMRA Gold Rejuvenating Face Mask combines 24kt Gold with Vitamin C and an anti-glycation active for unwavering results. Renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, encapsulated 24kt Gold is delivered deep into the skin barrier to the Dermis, improving skin at a cellular level. Vitamin C and our bespoke Anti-Gly active strengthen and rejuvenate skin for an anti-aging effect. During glycation, cells begin to harden and collagen within cells is weakened. Our Anti-Gly active ensures skin remains supple, preserving the skins youth with elastin properties. 

Platinum Firming Face Mask-

Recognised for its firming properties, Platinum works synergistically with Vitamin B3 and Dipeptide to provide enigmatic skincare results. Released through sebum contact, Platinum delivers a high level of moisture to the skin through regulating sebum production, while also toning and firming for a supple complexion. A Dipeptide complex supports the repair of the skin barrier, alleviating effects of UV damage such as pigmentation and fine lines, while Vitamin B3 improves blemished, dry, and sensitive skin while promoting wrinkle smoothing. This face mask is quintessential for those with UV and Anti-Aging concerns, providing high levels of actives to nourish and revitalise skin.

Caviar Hydrating Face Mask-

AMRA Caviar Hydrating Face Mask is the ultimate in restoring hydration. Formulated alongside hyaluronic acid and a bi-function probiotic, Caviar promotes skin nourishment with its large proportions of fatty acids, amino acids, salts, and vitamins. These restore the skins natural balance, reducing inflammation, healing, and strengthening the skin barrier for lasting effects. Hyaluronic Acid is a humectant, so it has incredible water retention properties. This active holds water molecules to the surface of the skin, ensuring the highest possible level of hydration within the skin. Working successively with a probiotic complex to strengthen the skins barrier and minimize water loss, this collection of actives is exquisite for a journey of hydration and nourishment. We recommend using this face mask if you have concerns surrounding Dry or Dehydrated skin.