Body Oil vs Body Lotion

Both Oils and Lotions are formulated to provide the skin with high levels of hydration and moisture, though there is debate surrounding whether one is more efficient than the other. In a general sense, neither is better than the other. However, oils and lotions do differ in their benefits, so results with vary depending on your concerns. For example, those with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis are more likely to turn to a soothing lotion, whereas someone with textured skin may reach for an oil to smooth bumps and balance the skin.


Benefits of Body Lotion:

When it comes to moisturising ability, body lotion is advantageous over its oil counterpart. Lotions are partially water-based and draw water into the epidermis, permeating deeper into the skin, meaning they tend to work best for nourishing dry skin.

Lotions can also combat itchy or tight skin, nourishing with the extra moisture the skin requires. Due to the deeper levels of diffusion lotions provide, skin is replenished and left feeling hydrated, softer, and supple.

Lotions are often formulated alongside actives such as hyaluronic acid which help maintain the water-retaining abilities of the skin, giving it more long-term benefits.

If you’re branching into the unique world of body lotions, we recommend immersing yourself with AMRA Caviar Hydrating Body Lotion. Engineered with Hyaluronic Acid and a Probiotic complex, these actives work to strengthen the skin at a cellular level and maintain moisture for an overall hydrated and nourished effect.


Benefits of Body Oils:

Contrasting body lotions, oils are renowned for their absorbent properties, as the structure of most oils is similar to the composition of skins protective barrier. This similarity is advantageous as oils can help in the process of repairing the skins barrier, mimicking necessary lipids for skin structure, and leading to more nourishment and moisture being held within the skin.

Due to the skin seemingly treating oils as their own, sebum production becomes normalised. When dehydrated, even the oiliest of skin type can begin to overproduce oil in an attempt to restore hydration, leading to congested skin. Oils work to normalise sebum production and ensure skin maintains its correct level of hydration with oil levels managed.

Though oils aid in the healing of the skin’s barrier, they don’t infuse the skin as deeply as lotions. Oils are a more surface level addition to skincare, though they can help protect skin from outside aggressors. With a strengthened skin barrier, free radicals and environmental pollution is less likely to be able to penetrate the skin.

To indulge in a truly luxurious body oil, we recommend AMRA Diamond Illuminating Body Oil. Formulated not only to hydrate skin but to illuminate from within, there isn’t a more opulent oil. A DEJ active provides plumper and smoother skin by stimulating the Dermal-Epidermal Junction. This strengthens the architecture of the skins tissue, while Vitamin A increases cell and collagen production in the epidermis creating healthy, young skin cells. Encapsulated Diamond compliments these actives, minimizing the effect of wrinkles and fine lines while the encapsulation process allows Diamond to travel to the lowest part of the dermis, ensuring captivating illumination from within.