Build The Best Skincare Routine

These days, it’s incredibly easy to become overwhelmed by the idea of building a skincare routine. With the number of new products, ingredients and brands to purchase from consistently increasing, and people recognising the importance of skincare, questions have begun to arise. Is less more? What is my skin type? Do I need to change my routine with the seasons?

At AMRA, we recognise the importance of a skincare routine and the science behind it, and how quickly we can become inundated with all the different information being fed to us. Decades of research and working alongside expert scientists has given us the opportunity to build up our knowledge of skin, and we want nothing more than to be able to share this.

There’s no reason for skincare to be frustrating or overcomplicated, and a basic routine is exactly that. Basic. With just a few baseline products formulated with active ingredients to compliment your skins needs, your routine can become truly transformative. Complicating things with an overabundance of ingredients could actually have a negative effect and harm the skins barrier, so in simpler terms less really is more.


The base of an excellent skincare routine is cleansing. This step clears the skin of impurities built up through the day, such as free radicals and other environmental pollutants. This is an essential step as, if left upon the skin, these pollutants could lead to signs of premature aging. However, using a face wash does not only cleanse the skin, but provides an opportunity to incorporate additional skincare benefits into your everyday routine without making anything overcomplicated. AMRA are dedicated to creating naturally highly active skincare to ensure your skin profits from every use.

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Following your cleanse with a toner is an exquisite way to continue your routine. Toning ensures all impurities have been removed from the skin, setting the stage for the remainder of your skincare ritual. Toning can calm skin, refresh skin and help close pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing, reducing the likelihood of pollutants contaminating the skin. AMRA’s active technology affirms these benefits, with meticulously chosen actives designed to target your skincare concerns.  

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Finish off the quintessential steps to a basic skincare routine by reinvigorating your skin with moisture. Once skin has been cleansed and toned, it is important to ensure your skin is rehydrated and moisturised. Even if you have an oily skin type, moisturising is one of the best things you could do for your skin. Providing it with nourishment and hydration will not only help with healing dry or dehydrated skin but can lead to a decrease in the overproduction of oil, which could lead to congestion. When skin needs hydration, oil glands will work tenfold producing sebum to protect your skin, though this oiliness can lead to blemishes and a constant shine. Simply involve a nourishing moisturiser, crafted to tackle skincare concerns while providing ultimate hydration through active technology for healthy, glowing skin.

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