Combat The Effects Of Blue Light

Sleep is a very relevant subject at the moment, raising a handful of questions as its popularity rises. With people researching the detrimental effects a lack of sleep can cause, one source seems to be reoccurred as the culprit. Blue Light.

Blue light is something near inescapable in the current day and age. Both naturally produced blue light, as well as indoor sources are exposed to us on multiple occasions throughout the day. Though, this overexposure of blue light may keep you awake when it’s time to start winding down.

In the evening, blue light that is emitted from devices supresses the production of melatonin, the sleep chemical, and therefore plays havoc on our abilities to fall asleep and stay asleep. Just one night of poor sleep can affect our appearance, though prolonged lack of sleep can truly take its toll not just on us, but on our skin.

Overnight is when our skin regenerates and produces collagen, giving us a youthful glow. As well as this, skin takes the time while we’re in a deep slumber to de-stress, producing cortisol which helps keep skin spot-free. Without our 7-9 recommended hours each night, skin could end up dry, problematic and dull, so it’s unquestionably important for our skin to have a resting period.

Luckily, skin is most receptive to products overnight, and at AMRA we’re armed with luxurious collections to combat blue light and give tired skin a much-needed boost.



AMRA Diamond Illuminating is scientifically engineered for combatting blue light and providing illumination from within. Formulated with a blue light eradicator, skin is protected and effects of blue light are eradicated, while encapsulated Diamond blurs and strengthens skin ensuring radiance and an opulent glow. To tackle the effects such as dull and dry skin as well as get one step ahead of blue light, Diamond Illuminating is a quintessential solution. 



 Meticulously crafted with the jewel of the ocean and an advanced probiotic complex fused with hyaluronic acid to retain nourishment within the skin, AMRA Caviar Hydrating is the ultimate in maximum hydration. Eliminate dryness, dullness, and purify skin with this range, a perfect addition to your skincare routine to combat signs of sleeplessness. We recommend using the Caviar Hydrating Face Mask in the evening to truly lock in moisture and nourishment and allow skin to absorb luxurious actives overnight. 



Perfect for reviving and reinvigorating skin, AMRA Gold Rejuvenating is infused with 24kt Gold- a powerful anti-inflammatory known for its renewal properties. For sleeplessness-induced puffiness and dull skin, incorporate Gold Rejuvenating into your ritual for defined and contoured skin that feels youthful and awake. The Gold Discovery Collection has all you need to embrace your skin in the luxury of Gold to rewind and preserve skins strength.