Diamond Skincare- Why Should We Use It?

Gone are the days where Diamonds were merely used to accessorise, now diamonds are the skins best friend. Recognised for their anti-aging properties, they have been infused into skincare to provide optimum results with ultimate luxury.

We have combined the opulent properties of Diamond with actives that work synergistically to create a range tailored to modern day skincare concerns. The AMRA Diamond Illuminating range sits at the height of decadent skincare, not only offering anti-aging benefits but Blue Light Eradicating technology. This collection is highly active, meaning that results are instantaneous and unwavering due to the increased levels of active technology we have incorporated into our formulas. 

 We recommend using this collection if you have concerns surrounding age, UV damaged skin, or live in a city environment. Diamond Illuminating offers a solution laced in decadence. Diamond is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, causing the perception of optical blurring through reflecting UV light that hits the skin, leading to truly illuminated skin.

 Vitamin A fights UV damage throughout the day, while also acting as a retinoid. Retinyl Palmate increases cell production in the top layer of the skin, the epidermis, which helps reinvigorate skin. Cells begin to look smoother, leading to a younger looking appearance and a healthy glow. Retinyl Palmate also offers a softer retinol experience, being a retinoid option with less likelihood of causing irritation, meaning it can be used more frequently.

A DEJ active stimulates the Dermal-Epidermal Junction, ensuring ultimate architecture of the skin and strengthening from within, providing protection to the skin’s barrier. With optimal skin architecture, the skins barrier is strengthened, protecting from any pollutants that may compromise or irritate the skin.  With and enhanced structure of skin, skin is also visibly smoothed and plumped.

With blue light promoting premature aging, it is vital that you introduce skincare that removes these impurities from the skin. AMRA Diamond Illuminating specialises in blue light eradication, combating these pollutants to ensure your skin remains protected and illuminated. If not protected against, Blue Light can lead to damage at a DNA level, breaking down collagen and elastin and leading to a sagging effect in the skin. Our blue light eradicator technology has been expertly crafted to ensure skin is protected from light pollutants, maintaining a youthful and plump complexion with actives to promote collagen synthesis.


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