Discover Men’s Skincare

A functioning skincare routine is an essential step into feeling and looking your best, and there’s no exception for men. Your skincare routine now will contribute heavily to how healthy your skin is in the future, and taking good care of your skin sooner rather than later will save you money in the long run.

So, if you’re a man looking to begin his skincare journey, AMRA have just the solution. A luxurious collection scientifically engineered to tackle the skincare needs of the modern man, the AMRA For Men collection is absolutely quintessential for a sophisticated skincare regimen.

With precious actives meticulously chosen to make the collection the height of male skincare, AMRA For Men has it all. Volcanic rock combats overproduction of sebum, Platinum firms skin, and Meteorite nourishes leaving skin feeling revitalised. All working synergistically with Cellactive8 to minimise and prevent micro-cuts and combatting free radicals in order to prevent premature aging.

 This bespoke collection offers everything you could possibly want in a routine, from a cleansing face wash to body polish and masks, AMRA For Men covers everything. However, if a complex regimen is a daunting concept, here are our recommended products for the ultimate baseline routine.



Designed with a bespoke array of actives, AMRA For Men Face Wash will purify, nourish and firm skin while effortlessly removing all impurities and clearing imperfections. The result is a softer, more radiant tone.



 The AMRA For Men Toner is formulated to remove modern world pollution left on the skin. Optimal for everyday use, this toner utilises powerful actives collaborate to deeply purify and condition the skin, leading to a younger and brighter appearance.



 The AMRA For Men Moisturiser has been scientifically engineered to be the ultimate in hydration and nourishment. Meteorite moisturises skin while Platinum hydrates and firms. Ideal for shaving, the AMRA For Men Moisturiser uses Cellactive8 to heal, minimise and prevent micro-cuts.