Do I Need To Use Toner?

In recent years toners have progressed noticeably- in both formulation and popularity. Previously, they were designed with high alcohol levels, and were drying and damaging to the skin, stripping it of essential oils needed to protect the skins barrier.

However, modern toners are a simple, excellent, nourishing way to incorporate active technology into a daily skincare routine, delivering a wide range of benefits depending on your skincare concerns. 

When Do I Use Toner?

Toners are typically used between a cleansing face wash and serum or moisturiser, and often are considered a form of double cleansing, removing any excess oil or pollutants that may have been missed by a cleanser.

What Do Toners Do?

Toners can offer additional skin benefits if you have specific skincare concerns you wish to target. Adding a toner well-matched to your skin type and concern can enhance the efficiency of following skincare products, as they can improve the skins ability to absorb active technology.

Depending on what you have identified your skin needs, there are a variety of toners on hand, many of which can offer the boost your skin requires. For example, if your skin is dry and dehydrated, you may reach for a hydrating toner which is gentle on the skin, with actives to heal the skins barrier. 

Or, an exfoliating toner, designed to clear congestion and even the skin tone. This makes incorporating exfoliating acids into your routine simpler and more effective, making these kinds of toners perfect for oily, congested skin, as they can regulate oil levels leading to a cleared complexion.

How Can I Incorporate Toners into My Routine?

Indulge you skin in the luxury of 24kt Gold, with the AMRA Gold Rejuvenating Toner. Active technology soothes skin with anti-inflammatory Gold and Vitamin C, while our unique 4 in 1 Anti-Glycation active focusses on rewinding the skins glycation process, boosting production of elastin for firmed and youthful skin.

Or perhaps immerse in a toner formulated to cleanse skin of modern world pollution with our unique Diamond Illuminating Toner. Encapsulated Diamond, Bakuchiol, and a bespoke DEJ active combine to protect skin from blue light pollution, and encourage the production of collagen at a cellular level for healthy skin strengthened from within.