Face Cleansing Lotion vs Cleansing Face Wash

Face Cleansing Lotion vs Cleansing Face Wash

The beauty industry is filled with choices - what products to use, different formulations and a variety of active ingredients. We all have our preferences, but it can sometimes be difficult to navigate which products we should be using, and what will benefit our skin the most. 

Were commonly asked about different types of ingredients and formulations, along with what they should be used for. At AMRA, we believe in science-based luxury skincare. You should enjoy our products and feel the exquisite luxury with which they were designed, however they deliver exceptional results with every use. 

With that in mind, one of the questions we are often asked is what the difference is between a face cleansing lotion and cleansing face wash. 

Face Cleansing Lotion vs Cleansing Face Wash

Lets start with some similarities between the two. Both products are used to cleanse the skin and remove free radicals, blue light & environmental pollution.

A face cleansing lotion can sometimes be called a cleansing milk (or even just cleanser). Its usually non-foaming and used to dissolve oil-soluble impurities such as excess oil and make up from your face. Theyre also great if you have dry or sensitive skin, or if your skin is exposed to daily pollution.

A cleansing face wash is usually foaming, or more of a gel texture than a milk, and needs to be wiped off rather than washed off. A face wash can also be used to remove oil-soluble impurities, a face wash is better for removing deeper seated debris and cleanse pores. 

If you wear relatively heavy make up or have been exposed to free radicals and pollution, then a combination of a face cleansing lotion followed by a cleansing face wash could be what you need to really cleanse your face, or alternatively our expert recommends to cleanse twice with a cleansing face wash and to always follow with an AMRA toner daily. 

AMRA Cleansing Face Washes

Our cleansing face washes offer luxury, active ingredients and deeply cleanse your face to remove free radicals and environmental and blue light pollution.  All our signature cleansing face washes are SLS free to ensure they don’t dehydrate the skin. Discover our collection of cleansing face washes for your specific skincare concerns: 

  • Gold Rejuvenating Cleansing Face Wash – formulated with stabilised vitamin C to filter free radicals, 24kt gold to reduce inflammation and our exclusive Anti-gly active designed to strengthen the skin.
  • Pearl Purifying Cleansing Face Wash – Tahitian Black Pearl and purifying actives combat free radicals to ensure that your skin is protected and hydrated.
  • Caviar Hydrating Cleansing Face Wash – if your skin needs maximum hydration, this caviar-based cleansing face wash combines hyaluronic acid,  our unique probiotic complex, and vitamins from the sea to help dehydrated, dull skin and ageing concerns.
  • AMRA For Men Face Wash – engineered to remove impurities and combat pollution, our men’s range combines powerful actives including platinum, volcanic rock, meteorite and exclusive Cellactiv8 to purify and nourish the skin.