Get To Know Your Skin Microbiome

When we think of microbiomes, they’re commonly associated with our gut bacteria and the bloating we may experience following a disturbance.

Though, many are unaware that our skin is a microbiome, and the bacteria working to protect it can be thrown out of balance just as easily.

A microbiome is a group of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, or viruses, found together in a particular environment. Many microbiomes exist on and in our bodies, with one of these being our skin. Considering skin is the bodies largest organ, it’s no surprise it has a microbiome of its own.

The skins microbiome is unique to each individual, with bacteria subject to the requirements to maintain the persons ideal balance. Dysregulation to the biome can lead to a multitude of visible issues, such as congested skin, dryness and dehydration, and damage to the skins barrier.

Our skin is a natural shield to possible aggravators, such as free radicals and other pollutants, therefore it is important to maintain its integrity, avoiding any unnecessary irritation.

There are a number of outside factors that can throw the skins microbiome into dysregulation, with the most common being:

  • Over exfoliation
  • Cleansers
  • Environmental stressors
  • Pollution
  • Stress
  • Climate
  • Water hardness

 Each of these aspects can affect the natural order of the skins microbiome, promoting excess aggravation, breakouts, itchiness, dehydration and more.

This happens through the disruption of skins PH levels. The optimum PH for skin is PH 5, a higher acidic environment for the bacteria to thrive. An unbalanced PH level presents itself in many ways, all negatively affecting our skin. Accelerated aging, excess oil production, and irritation are some of the most common side effects of a dysregulated microbiome. 

Focussing on re-discovering a balanced microbiome can help clear congested skin, alleviate symptoms of dry and sensitive skin, and even out skin tone.

There are a range of skincare actives that excel at repairing an unbalanced PH, but the most notable are probiotics and prebiotics. These aid in obtaining optimum health of the skin, restoring its ability to combat compromising pollutants and aggressors, protecting the skin overall.

At AMRA, we’re proud to formulate skincare products to provide a solution to all modern skincare concerns. Our Caviar Hydrating collection utilises a probiotic complex, prefect for balancing the skins PH and soothing of any irritants. Hyaluronic Acid works alongside this, drawing water to the skins surface to ensure lasting hydration, and healing the skins barrier.

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