How To Heal Your Skin's Barrier

Spring has finally sprung, and with the sunny days and longer evenings, comes the urge to have sumptuous, glowing, sun-kissed skin. Though, this summer-time complexion is near impossible to achieve without a fully functional skin barrier. Fundamental to defend our skin from stressors, the skin barrier refers to the outermost layer or skin. Think of this layer as a point of protection, defending the body from aggravators such as pollution and free radicals.

The epidermis is comprised of five layers, bound together by ceramides, lipids (fatty acids), and cholesterol, creating an outer layer optimised to ensure the utmost defence of our skin. The skin barrier is the outermost layer of the five, the stratum corneum, and is referred to as a barrier due to its wall-like structure of the cells. 

The integrity of your skin barrier directly correlates to the health of your skin, and can affect the likelihood of achieving the hydrated, brightened, and supple complexion worth pining for. If compromised, skin appears uneven, dull, dehydrated and signs of ageing grow more visible. 

Factors that have a prominent effect on the skin barrier include lifestyle influences such as diet, products, genetics, sleep deprivation and over exfoliation, as well as environmental factors including UV exposure, temperature, and climate changes. 

Signs of a damaged or compromised skin barrier will present themselves in dryness, inflammation, itchiness, and uneven skin tone. If left unattended, these symptoms can progress into longer term issues, such as increased skin sensitivity and irritation.

When the skin barrier is experiencing damage, it’s important to focus on protecting and repairing, dedicating actives, and giving time for the barrier to heal.

To provide that necessary repair and support, we at AMRA suggest incorporating healing key ingredients into your skin ritual. From vitamins and hydrators to probiotic complexes, AMRA have quintessential skincare for everyone.

Focussing on cutaneous repair, Dipeptide and Vitamin B3 fuse within the AMRA Platinum Firming collection to repair fragile skin. Platinum delivers a high level of moisture to skin, essential to repair the skins barrier. To incorporate these essential actives into a skincare routine to heal the skins barrier, Platinum Firming Face Mask will transport high doses of our active technology into the skin. Use 1-2 times a week’s to nourish a damaged skin barrier.

The pinnacle of hydration and true nourishment, AMRA Caviar Hydrating combines the vitamin and mineral content of Green Caviar, with hyaluronic acid and a bi-function probiotic to strengthen skin from within. Hyaluronic Acid helps to maintain moisturised skin, promoting both new cell and collagen production, and is a key ingredient in the process of healing the skins barrier. Our bespoke bi-function probiotic balances skin, strengthening the barrier from within for lasting results and optimised hydration levels. Caviar Hydrating Face Oil is the ultimate in restoring moisture, healing the skins barrier with highly active technology.