How To Keep Hair Healthy

Forming a hair care routine is very similar to embarking on a journey into the perfect skincare routine. Once you’ve found something that provides you with the ultimate results and works with your hair type, you’ll rarely stray to anything else.

However, the process of finding a regular routine can be a disconcerting one, with such a wide variety of products available holding new and exceptional claims.

At AMRA, we’re passionate about health and wellbeing and all that falls under this, so we’ve crafted an inimitable luxurious haircare routine proven to leave you with sumptuous results with every use.

AMRA’s precious Hair Care Range is the ultimate in decadent haircare, with an opulent Hair Wash and Conditioner for the perfect wash routine, and an Argan Oil quintessential for giving the hair a boost of nourishment whenever necessary.

AMRA Precious Argan Hair Wash combines AMRA’s powerhouse ingredients of Pearl, Caviar, Gold, Diamond and Platinum with naturally sourced Argan Oil for a hair wash suited to all hair types and all hair care concerns.

Apply the wash into the palm of your hand and gently massage into the scalp and ends of your hair and rinse with warm water. Hair is draped in nourishment and radiance in this first step of the quintessential hair care routine.

AMRA Precious Conditioner is the ultimate in haircare hydration. Using highly active technology to combine AMRA’s powerhouse actives with precious Argan Oil, dull and dehydrated hair is transformed through the benefits of these opulent ingredients.

Smooth Precious Conditioner into the ends of hair during your wash ritual, and leave for 2-3 minutes. Once this time has elapsed, rinse the luxurious conditioner from your hair and discover the sumptuous benefits. Hair is smoothed and nourished with an unmatched finish.

Follow your wash routine with AMRA Precious Argan Oil. This alluring product is the pinnacle of hydration, and can be used on hair, skin, nails and much more to provide unmatched results. 

Apply Precious Argan Oil to the ends of hair to immerse in alluring nourishment and hydration, or indulge in a deep conditioning treatment by applying to the scalp and leaving overnight.

Once hair is immersed in the nourishing qualities of Gold, Diamond, and Platinum, finish your opulent hair routine with an olfactory journey. 

Envelop yourself in an olfactory sensation while you enhance your perfection in the final step to AMRA’s perfect skin care routine. Rose Oud Hair Essence has a captivating aroma of Dewy Rose and Luxurious Oud. Formulated alongside a Sunflower Extract to filter UV light and protect the hair from damage, this essence is the ultimate compliment to your haircare routine.