How To Use A Serum

There’s one skincare product that continuously catches our attention, promising efficacious formulations crafted to cure our skincare concerns. Serums have been the pinnacle of the skincare community for the past few years, with people beginning to become more immersed in the science behind their skin, and investing time into researching the actives they need. 

Offering a high dose of active technology, serums are an almost non-negotiable addition to any skincare routine, formulated to tackle specific concerns with expertise. Unlike moisturisers, serums have a thinner consistency, similar in texture to liquid or gel. This formulation is key, allowing the actives to deeply penetrate skin for results in the outermost layer of skin, as well as within its architecture.

Though, there is a science behind how to use serum. Due to the high concentration of skin actives, a little tends to go a long way. Using a large amount of serum and massaging into your face as you would a cleanser or moisturiser simply leads to an amount of product wastage, as well as not allowing the product to absorb optimally.

To ensure you get the most out of such a beneficial product, begin by dispensing 1-2 drops of product into your palm. It is important to ensure the applicator doesn’t make direct contact with skin, as this can transfer bacteria into the product and cause congestion.

Place your fingers into the serum collected in your palm, avoiding rubbing the product into your hands. This ensures all the product is used on skin on the face.

To apply the serum, press the product into the skin with light, tapping motions. Whilst you can smooth the product over skin, a pressing motion encourages the formula to delve deep into the skin, ensuring results from within.

Finally, leave the serum on the skin for 30-60 seconds, or until completely absorbed. Follow your serum application with a moisturiser, as the differing consistency will occlude the skin, allowing the actives to truly penetrate the skin without any transfer.

Explore the alluring world of highly active, targeted skincare with AMRA’s exclusive Face Serums. 

If you’re looking to combat congestion, smoothing and refining skin, niacinamide serum is a must-have. AMRA Platinum Firming Face Serum combines Platinum and a Dipeptide complex to repair and firm skin with expertise for a soft-focus effect and toned skin. Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) focusses on blemished, dry, and sensitive skin whilst protecting from UV damage for a balanced complexion, making a perfect day time serum for a clear complexion.

To tackle dehydrated and damaged skin, a hyaluronic acid serum is highly recommended. AMRA Caviar Hydrating Face Serum fuses a hyaluronic acid formulation with a probiotic complex, formulating a serum quintessential to retaining moisture and nourishment, whilst simultaneously healing the skins barrier for lasting results.   

Finally, for those seeking a retinol serum, discover regal Diamond. Diamond Illuminating Face Serum has been formulated to tighten and illuminate skin, combining retinoid Vitamin A with clarifying Diamond. Retinol increases cell production in upper levels of the skin, encouraging the production of youthful, illuminating cells, whilst refining texture for a smooth complexion. Precious Diamond synergises with this active technology, providing a blurring effect to wrinkles and fine lines, illuminating the skin for a bright, healthy complexion. This serum is essential for those seeking an anti-aging effect that provides a glow of resplendence.