Prepare For The New Year With AMRA

Christmas has come and gone, which means New Year’s Eve is fast approaching. New, festive memories have been captured by all, and it’s time for the festive season to reach its partying peak, with celebrations worthy to welcome 2022. At AMRA, we want you to catch the eye of everyone in the room this New Year’s- and not just be radiant, but captivating. So, we’ve decided to meticulously craft the perfect skincare ritual to get you ready for whatever plans you may have this New Year’s Eve.

 When it comes to radiance there is no better collection than Diamond Illuminating. Regal encapsulated Diamond works alongside blue-light eradicator technology to instil pure illumination and iridescence from within. With a wide range of products in the collection, ranging from toner and serum to an illuminating body polish and body oils, Diamond Illuminating is the quintessential way to prepare yourself and your skin for some well-deserved attention on New Year’s Eve.

 We recommend starting your ritual with Diamond Illuminating Body Wash, followed by the luxurious exfoliating qualities of pure crushed Garnet, encapsulated within the Illuminating Body Polish. Indulge your skin in the luxury and illumination it has been craving. Skin will be brightened and radiant with a youthful glow fellow partygoers will be envious of. Follow this full body cleanse with Illuminating Body Oil to nourish your skin and lock in 24-hour hydration to have you ready to embrace your evening.  

Reach for our sumptuous Precious collection, designed to be the ultimate in luxury skincare, to enhance your skincare routine with a touch of decadence. Combining the innovation of all AMRA’s powerhouse ingredients with bioactive technology, Precious targets all modern skincare concerns leaving skin glowing, hydrated, firmed and rejuvenated.

 To prepare your face, neck and décolleté for the merriment of the evening to come, incorporate Precious Face Exfoliator. AHA technology, crafted with fruit acids, gently exfoliates the skin ridding it of any impurities and free radicals that may have collected through the day. This will truly prepare your skin for the evening and have you dazzling any room you enter.

Finally, formulated as the epitome of opulence, Gold Rejuvenating is the perfect addition to your New Year’s Eve preparations. AMRA Gold Discovery Collection has been specially formulated using 24kt Gold to deliver visible results and provide you with the most luxurious experience possible. The options are endless, Precious Drops of Gold, Body Lotions, Facial Oil or a Hammam Collection, the Gold Rejuvenating Collection has something for everyone.

In particular, to ensure you’re absolutely captivating for 2022’s debut, we recommend including Gold Rejuvenating Cleansing Face Wash, Toner, and Moisturiser into your evening’s routine. Skin will be embraced in luxury while the actives work to define, contour and reinvigorate, essential skincare benefits for a night as big as this one.

Enhance your perfection with Rose Oud Hair Essence to protect your hair from damage while indulging in a sumptuous aroma of Dewy Rose and Luxurious Oud. Don’t just be radiant as you welcome in a new year, be captivating.