History of the Hammam

History of the Hammam

Originating in the Middle East, where bathing culture has been part of tradition for centuries, the Hammam is an exquisite cleansing steam treatment. The name “Hammam” means “the spreader of warmth” and aims to rejuvenate, reinvigorate, and soothe both body and mind.

It’s different to a thermal spa, as it doesn’t use thermal waters. Instead, a Hammam relies on hot steam to deeply cleanse and nourish skin.

In times past, Hammams played a central role in promoting health and wellness, as well as being a meeting place where people could socialise and enjoy the therapeutic waters. Hammams are generally modelled after ancient Roman baths, with opulent dome ceilings, regal columns and marble interiors.

Traditionally, Hammams (also sometimes known as Moroccan baths) were made up of three interconnecting rooms. The first room, the camekan, is the entrance hall. This is followed by the sıcaklık where steam is used to destress and detoxify the body. There is usually a large marble slab in the centre of this room and fountains in the corners of the room, both of which can be used in the Hammam treatment.

The treatment begins with an application of black soap, pours of warm water and a full body scrub, using a kessa glove. The massage is usually carried out using a nourishing soap made from olives and eucalyptus oil. This usually takes place on the luxurious marble slab at the centre of the room. The guest is then escorted to the steam room, so the soap can absorb into the skin.

As part of your treatment, purifying rhassoul body mask is applied to your skin and rehydrated using sumptuous oils. At this point you should expect your skin to feel smooth and moisturised, and your mind to feel fresh and invigorated. 

You should expect to indulge in a Hammam treatment for two to three hours to experience the full effect of this ancient, purifying ritual.

Benefits of Hammam

A Hammam treatment benefits both body and mind, encouraging the body to rest and the mind to refresh.

With regular visits, the benefits of Hammam can include:

  • Extraordinarily soft, luminous, and smooth skin
  • Increased circulation through the body
  • Improved appearance of skin and unblocked pores
  • Rejuvenated muscles
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Healthier immune system

It’s also believed that a Hammam may help to aid some breathing and congestion issues by opening up the airways. Others swear by it for metabolic benefits and overall wellbeing.

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