Why Is My Skin Sensitive?

Sensitive skin is a very common and troublesome condition, whereby skin shows visible symptoms such as dryness, irritation, congestion, or redness, or experience non-visible sensations such as burning or itching. In certain cases, these symptoms can develop into skin conditions, such as Eczema or Rosacea. Reactions in sensitive skin can be result of a damaged skin barrier, or a respond to a particular active/ingredient the skin finds particularly irritating.

These reactions may be triggered by environmental, psychological, or other external factors, such as:

  • Changes in temperate
  • Pollution
  • Stress
  • Spicy foods
  • Alcohol
  • Fragrance
  • Harsh chemicals

 There are three main signs or symptoms that are commonly experienced by people suffering with sensitive skin- a damaged skin barrier, hypersensitive reactions, and redness.

The compromised skin barrier leads to trans-epidermal water loss, making it more susceptible to irritants, and providing less protection from free radicals, leading to further aggravation.

Sensory fibres in the epidermis that have grown to be over-stimulated react stronger and faster, triggering hypersensitive non-visible sensations such as burning, tightness, itchiness, and stinging.  

Inflammation created by this irritation causes the skin to flush red, which can lead to Rosacea and Couperose-prone skin when experienced alongside uncomfortable sensations. It’s important to note that redness is not exclusive to sensitive skin, and can just be a unique case.

If you suffer with sensitive skin, some adjustments to your daily routine may be needed, following an exploration into the ingredients that may be causing some irritation. It may also be beneficial to do a small skin patch test prior to using a new product. This way, you’re aware of any irritation the actives may cause, and save the integrity of fragile facial skin.

When it comes to relieving sensitive skin, there are many actives that work synergistically to treat and soothe sensitive skin.

24kt Gold is a natural anti-inflammatory, an ideal active to calm and alleviate irritated skin. Paired with Vitamin C, which promotes the production of collagen and new skin cells, the AMRA Gold Rejuvenating collection is perfect for healing and strengthening the skin barrier, while soothing irritation for a bright, healthy complexion.

AMRA Gold Rejuvenating Face Wash is an exceptional addition to a sensitive skincare routine, introducing beneficial actives gently.

For those looking to focus on healing their skin barrier, indulge in AMRA Caviar Hydrating. Hyaluronic Acid increases skins elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by improving cell cohesion and cell synthesis, improving the overall structure and integrity of skin. This active technology is fused with a pre-biotic complex, helping to reduce triggers from sensitivity and strengthening the skin barrier, alleviating symptoms associated with sensitivity and decreasing trans-epidermal water loss, making skin less sensitive to irritation.

Introduce these nourishing actives to your skincare routine with Caviar Hydrating Moisturiser for the ultimate in hydration.