AMRA The Art of Gifting

Luxury Skincare Gift Guide

With the countdown to the festive season underway, you are sure to be searching for that perfect gift to send your loved one or are secretly adding to your own luxury skincare wish list.  We understand that selecting the perfect gift may sometimes be challenging, therefore we bring to you our luxury skincare gift guide to add a touch of inspiration & direct you to the perfect gift.   

Together at AMRA HQ we have collated our luxury skincare collections to bring you our top five luxury skincare gift ideas, that we know you will love.  Discover the art of finest selection & personalisation with us at AMRA.

Phase 1 - Gold Rejuvenating Face Mask









 Indulge in the transformative essence of our Gold Rejuvenating Face Mask, our AMRA featured product of the month.  Luxurious 24kt Gold envelopes the skin with our unique 4 in 1 anti-ageing active anti-gly & our stabilised Vitamin C technology working actively together to rewind & preserves the skins youth.

Our Gold face mask is perfect for preparing the skin to be truly radiant for the festive season, making this the perfect gift.


Phase 2- AMRA for Men Moisturiser


Dynamic, transformative & engineered skincare targeted for modern world pollution. Formulated with Swiss cutting-edge technology.  Platinum, Volcanic Rock, Meteorite & Cellactiv8.

Our AMRA for Men Moisturiser is the pinnacle in optimised hydration & the ultimate gift for the modern man. 


Phase 3- AMRA Gold Discovery Collection








Discover the precious side to skincare with our Gold Rejuvenating Discovery Collection, formulated with opulent 24kt Gold, our 4 in 1 anti-ageing complex & stabilised Vitamin C.

Collating our 4 infamous Gold products of Gold Rejuvenating Cleansing Face Wash, Gold Rejuvenating Toner, Gold Rejuvenating Face Mask & Gold Rejuvenating Moisturiser.

This collection is the ultimate in skincare science, a truly memorable collection.

Phase 4- AMRA Pearl Discovery Collection


Step into the alluring world of AMRA with our Pearl Purifying Discovery Collection.  Luxurious Tahitian Black Pearl & our actives within our Pearl range have been designed to combat modern world pollution & protect the skin.  This collection includes our Pearl Purifying Cleansing Face Wash, Precious Toner, Precious Face Mask, Pearl Purifying Moisturiser.


Phase 5- AMRA The Art of Gifting


Opulence & taste cannot be bought it has to be created…

At AMRA we believe a gift should not only be crafted & designed, but also bespoke & personal.

With inspiration from these values in mind we launched The Art of Gifting, a personalised concierge luxury gifting service, to tailor your ideas into a beautiful bespoke gift, reflecting intentions & capturing unforgettable memories.

All our AMRA bespoke collections come fully personalised to ensure every gift is exclusive. 

We take inspiration from you during our gifting consultation, so we can select a tailored collection from our cutting-edge luxury skincare products to bring you the ultimate gift.

Book you bespoke gifting consultation with us to ease the pressures of finding a gift, and we will do what we do best, linking inspiration with skincare science to deliver to you the worlds most luxurious gift.