Sue Jones - CEO & Founder

For me to choose a favourite product is incredibly difficult, however my go to product has to be Rarity Facial Serum, light and smooth to apply and transforming the texture of the skin with its first use.  Results driven with our bio-active stem cell technology and mineral compounds of meteorite, complemented with the powerhouse of Pearl, Caviar,Gold, Diamond, Platinum, Ruby & Sapphire what's not to love?

Ori Evapudan

I've been working with AMRA the past three years and very much enjoy working with the brand, result driven and a divine fragrance of each line. One product that I absolutely love is the Gold Rejuvenating Body Polish. The gentle scrub with active ingredients that work in the real-time, you will feel how the ingredients are working as you rub the scrub into the skin. As soon as you rinse off, you will feel the skin refreshed, soft and glowy with 24K Gold sparkle. Always a treat!