We worked with Aston Martin to collaborate with them on their Formula1 event held in Abu Dhabi. Taking inspiration from the design & materials of the Aston Martin DB11, we created an exquisite aroma which was set to scent style the event. The fragrance was later to be named Beguile and it now holds an audacious collection of Men’s skincare products.

AMRA worked closely with the V&A Museum & two of their artists in residences for their annual Young Patrons event. Taking influential ideas from the artists thoughts & work, we encapsulated this to create our infamous Inspire fragrance as a gift to the YPC. The aroma is an Olfactory sensation of sophistication & class.

We worked with London Fashion Week to design a bespoke aroma to scent style the runway for the most important week in fashion. We designed the aroma to link with memory, capturing memoirs from the event. These were created as VIP gifts for front row guests.