Zoom Platinum Firming Body Oil
Zoom Platinum Firming Body Oil

Platinum Firming Body Oil


AMRA Platinum Firming Body Oil flawlessly tones and firms skin with cutting-edge scientific technology.

A bespoke Dipeptide active fuses with Niacin to promote the smoothing of wrinkles, repairing skin and UV damage at a cellular level for lasting results.

Skin Concerns

Ageing Concerns, UV Exposed skin, Blemished skin & Sensitive skin 


High UV exposure

Dipeptide- Supports the activation of the cutaneous repair process, helping repair UV damaged and fragile skin while promoting wrinkle smoking and improving tone and elasticity. 

Vitamin B3- Niacin for blemished, dry and sensitive skin helps clear congested skin while also offering protection for UV challenged skin. 

Platinum- Platinum released through sebum contact delivers a high level of moisture into skin, while offering wrinkle correction and toning skin to leave it looking and feeling firmer. 

Dipeptide technology to ensure firmness throughout each layer of the skin.  

Vitamin B3 nourishes and hydrates. 

Platinum blurs wrinkles by reacting with light. 

UV Protection from Dipeptide and Vitamin B3 for optimal skin strength. 

Creates support from within, nourishing and strengthening to instil firmness in the skin. 


Use daily after cleansing with an AMRA selected body wash. Apply one to two drops to the palm of your hand to smooth the product over your skin, until you have enveloped your whole body. Awaken your senses by continuing with an AMRA selected hair essence & parfum. 

Platinum Firming Body Oil